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Traditions are just best practices handed down from those who have lived before, wisdom that is generally applicable, but might not apply to any specific situation. They are meant to make your life better in some way, and, if they no longer do so, it would probably please the ancestors who invented the traditions if you were to grow past them.

Or, as The Paladin's Guide to Life puts it, "It is important to remember that Good is the purpose for which you fight, and Law is the most effective weapon in that fight. Sometimes, Good and Law will appear to be in conflict. When that happens, Good should trump Law."

Or, as Jesus put it, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath".

(Monday evening, INT: CA&TH's place, kitchen. ChA is bringing in dirty dishes, CA is rummaging in the fridge)

CA: There. Now you've met all of them.
ChA: Well, I had met Simon and Wallace before, I guess, but now I've met them in context.
CA: So you do remember.
ChA: I admit, when they first came in, they didn't look familiar, but I kept having déjà vu all through dinner. Like "Oh yeahhh, I think that's that guy from the party that one time."
CA: So... what do you think of them? In context?
ChA: What, you're looking for my approval?
CA: No. I mean, it would be nice if you approved of my boyfriends, but...
ChA: Hey, if they make you happy, then they're alright with me. I won't flip out and rant about tradition and disown you, I promise.
CA: ...Siblings can't disown each other, can they?
ChA: I think "disown" just means I wouldn't come over for dinner any more.
CA: Mm, then you'd miss out on this raspberry cheesecake.
ChA: Exactly. What good is a tradition if it negates cheesecake?