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There's a lot of story behind Nicole and John's situation that I've only hinted at throughout Leftover Soup's run. That's the nature of stories - the writer chooses to focus on some things and not on others. Theoretically, in some alternate universe, I'm writing a comic strip purely about the development of their relationship, with Ellen and Jamie as side characters.

That's the nature not only of stories, but of existence. We, as humans, can only ever have our own perspective. We don't see the life experiences of tangential acquaintances, people we bump into on the street, etc. We can only look through our own lens. That's why storytelling - both biographical and fictional - is so important. Stories let us look through other lenses.

(Tuesday morning, INT: NP and JP's home, cuddling on the couch)

JP: Nicole?
NP: ...yeah?
JP: Did you... can you see her? Our daughter? Can you see the aura through your... through your abdominal wall?
NP: John, you know it's-
JP: I know, I know. I just... I wanted to know if you had tried.
NP: Of course I tried. I've tried every day since I found out.
JP: ...and?
NP: And I was looking and I... I think I may have seen her for the first time today.
NP: She's a tiny sparkle of pure white, just like her father. A perfect starburst, growing inside of my body. Almost blinding.
JP (breaking down): Oh God, Nicole.
NP: Admittedly, I may have been looking at the wrong part of my abdomen, but I think I would have noticed if there had been a tiny boddhisattva in my breakfast cereal.