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It's true. Jamie is (or was) one of those guys. Go ahead and colour-drop from the archives, if you don't believe me.

(Tues afternoon, INT: EB and JH's place, EB, JH and MH are all at the table, eating sandwiches)

[MH receives text]
MH: See, a lot of people are down on pants. Boo to pants, they say.
JH: I would have assumed you'd be among them.
MH: I can see how you would think that, yes, but I am boo to the unnecessary wearing of pants, not to the existence of pants. There's a difference.
MH (checking text, she is pleased): I like the existence of pants because it's binary. You are either wearing trousers or you are not.
MH: Hence the phrase "get in someone's pants". Pants are nice and unambiguous, jeans in particular. There's a barrier there, a button and a zipper.
EB: You're under the impression that other garments are more... nebulous?
MH (holding phone under her shirt, snapping a picture): They're more easily compromised. Pants are secure, thus their removal is a significant gesture, it sends a message.
JH: Plus, I doubt you'd want to do your dayjob mucking out animal cages in a bathrobe.
MH (sending reply text): Oh yeah, I'm not even talking about sex, necessarily. Whipping off the jeans when you get home from work is its own kind of release.
JH: Hey, speaking of pants, if that's Wallace, let him know I got that store credit and I bought a second pair for myself!