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Saw a family with a little girl at the store a few weeks ago. The girl was about... I dunno, seven-ish, and sitting somewhere kicking her legs around. The mom told her "Hey! Criss-cross apple sauce!", and the girl dutifully stopped fidgeting and crossed her legs.

I'm honestly not sure if it was a quit-fidgeting thing or a be-a-good-girl thing - it should be noted she was wearing pants - but it did actually freak me out ever so slightly. I mean, I got told a lot of weird bullshit when I was a kid, but "criss-cross apple sauce"... that's a new one on me.

(Tues afternoon, INT: EB and JH's place, EB, JH and MH are all at the table, MH and JH are wearing each other's shirts)

JH: I dunno. I guess I've never really seen myself as particularly masculine. It's more like... life gave me a dick and balls and I just rolled with it.
MH: A fish doesn't see the water it's swimming in.
JH: Exactly.
EB: Well, that's a societal privilege thing. You probably also don't walk around thinking about how white or how able-bodied you are.
JH: You're saying you're more aware of your femininity than I am of my masculinity because it's lower on the advantages scale?
EB: I dunno, maybe.
MH: Ehhh, I wouldn't say it's a social-justicey privilegey thing. I just think girls get raised from a young age to be constantly aware of their own girliness. It's not like I walk around thinking "hmm domestic-abuse-statistics gender-pay-gap" twenty-four seven. I just got yelled at to cross my legs a bunch when I was five.
EB: And none of it stuck, huh?
MH: Hey, you'd be surprised. There are a lot of positions in the Kama Sutra you can still do while holding your legs crossed.
JH: Note to self: check out a copy of the Karma Sutra.