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Like many of the other board games in Leftover Soup, there should be enough in the comic itself for intelligent readers to put together a rough approximation at home. As with all games I/Jamie create, I encourage you to make your own version, tweak it however you like, share it with your friends, et cetera.

Of course, if you want an official version that you can print off and cut out and start playing within the next ten minutes, Polymono is available as a pdf for all my Patreon patrons. (In much the same way that my Patreon patrons get a printable version of Castaway, and the pdfs for my books Bang and The Paladin's Guide to Life. As little as a dollar a month (that's just eight cents per update!), and all this could be yours!)

(Tues afternoon, INT: EB and JH's place, EB, JH and MH are all at the table)

JH (displaying game): I'm calling it... Polymono.
MH: I object to your implication that nontraditional relationships spread the Epstein-Barr virus.
JH: Objection noted.
[closeup of game on table]
JH: As you can see, there are eight types of tokens. We each start with three, and we each have a little card that shows how we can convert one type of token to another with the bank.
JH: In order for us to win the game, we all have to get at least one of each type of token in our hands.
MH: Mm, problem. My card doesn't give me any way of making the little yellow lightning bolts.
JH: You can't, but Ellen can, so you have to trade with her to get what you want, and she has to trade with me to get teal spirals, and so on.
EB: Trading resources with each other on an open market for profit... doesn't sound very communist to me.
JH: Hey, I said it was anti-capitalist, I don't know why you're assuming that makes it pro-communist.