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I have a few axiomatic principles, when writing Leftover Soup. One is that Ellen always wins games.

Of course, the definitions of "win" and "game" are variable, and "winning a game" isn't always the same thing as getting what you want or what you need.

(Tues afternoon, INT: EB and JH's place, EB, JH and MH are all at the table)

MH: Lightning into X, crescent into dollar sign.... aaaaaand... I'm done.
JH: We did it! Yay us.
EB: We have successfully staved off the economic apocalypse. Yay us indeed.
JH: So what do we think?
MH: It's fun! A bit cerebral, but fun!
EB: I think Polymono, as a piece of economic propaganda, appears to primarily promote the idea of a planned economy. It's anti-invisible hand.
EB: Also, if we're analyzing the message... the pre-ordained fact that we all have to win collectively dogmatically forces altruism and co-operation, rather than making a convincing case for them.
EB: I still think it would be a more traditionally game-ish game if we were just competing to see who winds up with the highest total of tokens, and I'm not just saying that because I would have beaten you guys by a significant margin.
MH (gesturing to the discard pile): Uh, Ellen, if total mass of tokens is the be-all end-all, I think it's safe to say that the discard pile's got us all beat by a country mile.
JH: Mm. Can't fight the second law of thermodynamics.