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Periodic updates are important. You want to be sure everything's right where you left it.

(Tues afternoon, INT: EB and JH's place, EB, JH and MH are sitting on the couch, JH is reading on MH's phone. JH and MH have switched shirts back.)

JH: Huh. Lot more emotional/spiritual stuff in the actual Kama Sutra than I expected. I always thought it was just a list of sexual positions.
EB: So I guess the thing that bugs me about Polymono is that if you know each other's cards, it's possible to plan out the perfect game ahead of time and just always do that.
MH: Yeah, Jamie, you really should think about adding an element of randomness to it. Maybe some of the conversions could be like "two lightnings... and roll a d8!"
EB: I still think the game would be better if it were competitive somehow, but maybe I'm just a type A asshole who should be playing Monopoly instead.
[JH receives a text on MH's phone]
MH: You've always been naturally competitive, Ellen, ain't nothin' wrong with that. You just have to remember to use your powers for good.
EB: Or for sexy?
MH: A tad redundant, there, but yes.
JH (handing over phone, eyes closed): Speaking of, Max, it would appear that Trent has helpfully sent you some related pictorial material.
MH: Ah, the anatomical status update I requested. Marvelous, marvelous.