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Narrating other people's actions is fun.

(Tuesday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, living room. JH is cleaning up Polymono)

EB: "However, unbeknownst to our heroine, Trent had moved the lamp in order to get a better angle for his penile photography. She tripped over the cord and fell, full speed, into his groin. The sudden vertigo caused her to vomit inside her horse mask."
JH: Ahh, relatable content.
EB: "As the lamp toppled over her naked back and she heard the shattering of its compact fluorescent bulbs, Max hoped that at least, two floors below her, her friends Jamie and Ellen were having a better time."
JH: I should probably get at those dishes. Don't want bacon grease sitting around.
EB: "Though she had rebuffed Max's invitation to copulate alongside her, Max knew that Ellen would surely have no issue with copulating simultaneously. Even as she stumbled backwards into the laundry hamper and her cats inexplicably attacked her, Max took comfort in knowing that at least someone was getting laid."
JH (starting in on the dishes): Heh, yeah, that sounds like Max. Aside from the cats attacking her, anyway.
EB: "This was, of course, assuming that Ellen was still in a state of sexual arousal from witnessing Jamie's bacon and boardgame making prowess, and that Jamie would be able to pick up on Ellen's subtle hints."
JH: Mm, Max is assuming a lot. I'm usually not good with hints.
EB: Y'don't say.