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When hitting on the Jamies in your life, it helps to abandon subtlety.

To be honest, I've always been more comfortable writing sexually assertive females than sexually assertive males. Maybe it's my internalized misandry, but I just have a hard time separating masculine sexual assertiveness from from sexual aggressiveness, with all the negative repercussions that implies. Ellen with a blue necktie between her breasts saying "c'mere and fuck me" is a different spectacle from Jamie with a pink bow on his dick saying "c'mere and let me fuck you".

But then, as I said, maybe that's just me.

(Tuesday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, kitchen.)

[JH is doing dishes]
EB (offpanel): Hey, Jamie. Since we were talking about cross dressing earlier... what do you think of this look?
JH: Hm. Well, my blue tie certainly brings out your eyes. I will note, however, that neckties are traditionally worn with a men's collared shirt.
JH: Or, at least, a shirt.
EB (still offpanel): Well, shirtlessness is also masculine. In Western culture, anyway. As is being sexually forward.
JH: Is that what this is.
EB: Tryin'.
JH: Just checking, this isn't your way of saying you want to peg me, is it?
EB: Well, I do have a compatible toy, I think, but I'd have to pop upstairs and see if Max has a harness to lend me.
JH: The land of violent cats and lightbulb glass?
EB: Plus I'd have to put a shirt back on if I wanted to navigate the hallways.
JH: Ah, well that's clearly a no-go, then.
EB: Agreed.