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As easy as it is for me to just jump to the wacky neighbour character for a "something something sexy sexy sex" punchline, I do try to depict both Max and her assorted paramours as well-rounded characters with actual relationships. That's important to me.

Also, my main protagonists' will-they-won't-they dramatic-relationship-of-the-comic resulting in catastrophically bad sex will never not be funny to me.

(Tuesday evening, INT: MH's apartment, bedroom, TH and MH are cuddling.)

TH: ...hey, Max?
MH: Mmhmm?
TH: Still love me if my dick fell off?
MH: Your fingers and tongue still work?
TH: You know what I mean.
MH: You're asking if I'd still love you if we couldn't be sexually intimate, and you know damn well the answer's yes. That's why I call you my boyfriend and not just "that dude who rails me on the reg".
TH: I like to hear you say it.
MH: Such a girl. All mushy pillow talk while we cuddle.
TH: Sue me.
MH: More like "Boy named Sue" me. Something something ring of fire joke.
TH: Remind me to remind you never to do standup.
MH: But yeah, boning is rad and all, but if it was the main thing in a romantic relationship, I wouldn't have much hope for our downstairs neighbours.
TH: Maybe they just need better communication.
MH: Mm. Well, I hope they know their ASL, 'cause if the laws of the universe know their comedic timing better than I do, I'd bet right about now Jamie's done something to render Ellen incapable of talking.