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My middle name is Ross. I was given that middle name because it is my mother's maiden name. I am a member of the Ross family.

There are two men I like to refer to as my two uncles. We are probably not actually related, but they still give me some good advice on what to do every day.

The first man is Bob Ross. Now, my Uncle Bob has many good life lessons for us, but the one I like to refer to the most is "every day's a good day when you paint".

More generally, I'd say "every day's a good day when you do your thing". I'll have days go by where I make mistakes, where I get bad news, where I backslide. As long as I can do my thing, though, as long as I put in a little time writing or drawing or colouring or in some way contributing to my body of work... well, that day was a good day. Remembering that helps me.

My other uncle is Uncle Rick. And, as Rick Ross says, "every day I'm hustlin'".

What is a hustle? Well, a high school football coach might tell you to "hustle" - by which he means "move quickly and energetically". A person who's good at billiards might "hustle" you - by which he means "play billiards in such a way that you are enticed to give him money". When Rick Ross claims to "hustle", evidently, he means "traffic narcotics profitably".

It all amounts to the same thing, really. Get up, get out, get a move on. Work both smarter and harder. Build something, even if the only thing you're building is yourself.

Do your thing every day, and hustle at it. That's the key. Uncle Bob and Uncle Rick said so.

(Tuesday night, INT: Capsaicin Lounge kitchen, ChA and GO are eating soup.)

GO: So what's your side hustle?
ChA: Mmscuse me?
GO: C'mon, Ames, I know I only gave you thirty-two hours this week. What else you got going on?
GO: You a writer? Drive for Uber? Youtube channel for whatever the opposite of ASMR is?
ChA: Mm. I don't really have a side hustle.
GO: Well, there's your problem, then.
GO: Having a diversity of income sources would help you feel a little more secure. You lose this gig, you just ramp up whatever else you were doing.
GO: Not that you need to worry, I wouldn't fire you for inexperience. Just remember not to soak the cast iron again unless you know where to find a good blacksmith.
ChA: West Philadelphia?
GO: I will, however, fire you for puns.
ChA: That's fair.