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"There are myriad conditions - such as breast cancer - that have vastly better odds of survival the earlier you catch them. Don't delay - preventative maintenance of your own body is one of the most important responsibilities you have.", said the thirty-five year old man who hasn't had a basic checkup in about a decade, despite being entitled to them for free.

(Wednesday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers back room.)

EB: Okay, what about a mammogram? You're telling me you wouldn't let a male doctor give you a mammogram?
LH: I've never been, but I imagine they have at least one female technician.
GU: Lily! You totally should! It's important!
LH: You're right, I should. But back me up, they have women who work the machines, right?
GU: Uh...
LH: You've never had one either.
GU: be fair, I don't have much breast to get cancer in.
LH: That's it, we're all getting scanned! Appointments for all of us!
EB: Hey, that's a great idea for you old ladies in your thirties, but I'm only twenty-five, thank you very much.
LH: Sure, and it's not like you have a family history of cancer at all, right?
EB: Mmmmso which clinic is closest and do you think they'd let us go as a group?