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Sufficiently poorly-explained technology is indistinguishable from magic,
sufficiently well-explained magic is indistinguishable from technology,
sufficiently sexualized fantasy is indistinguishable from erotica,
and sufficiently elaborated erotica will get you a six figure movie deal.

(Wednesday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers back room.)

LH: Gina, you just said you've had back rubs before. Hell, I'm pretty sure I've given you a back rub.
GU: Well, that was different. Obviously.
LH: Sure, but where's your dividing line, though? When does it start becoming sexual?
GU: I don't know, but I can tell you right now, if you ever find a nice concrete dividing line, you'll be making a million youth pastors' lives a million times easier.
EB: I think this is just because we introduced the idea that you had to pick a man or a woman. If I hadn't mentioned that bit and we'd just rolled up and some dude said "Hi, I'm your masseuse" you wouldn't have thought twice.
GU: You're probably right. The gender question put the idea of sexuality in my head, and now I can't not think of it in that context.
GU: ...and now I am also kinda wishing they had sophisticated robotic manipulators available.
LH: I know, right? So much better.