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I have to wonder how much of our conception of gender is tied up in our language, the existence of "he" and "she". Would we think the same way about the people's genders if everyone was a singular "they" and an honorific "Mx"? What about if, as in French, every inanimate object was arbitrarily designated as male or female?

Ships, I know, are traditionally female, and that often carries over to cars or computers or guns. What would you presume about someone if they got a boat and decided to refer to it as male?

(Wednesday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers back room.)

LH: Okay, making the call - any business that serves the general public should have male and female staff. Customers get whoever is available at the time, first come first served, but can wait for someone of a different gender if they, unprompted, express a preference.
EB: Just doin' a quick survey of the room, here... you're aware we don't have any male employ-
LH: We don't touch people's bodies.
GU: ...ideally.
LH: Ideally, we don't touch people's bodies, yes.
EB: I think it's safe to say we've had customers who expressed a preference for male computer technicians, though.
LH: Those people are idiots and we don't need their idiot money. Computers neither have genders, nor can they tell the gender of the person repairing them.
GU: I dunno, there was that one guy who kept referring to his gaming rig as a "she".
EB: Maybe he wasn't prejudiced against woman techs, his computer was just homophobic.
LH: Ugh, fetishizing your computer like it's a person. Some people are such weirdo perverts.