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If I could give young me any piece of advice, it would probably be this:

Do things.

Do hard things, do easy things, do weird things, do new things, do uncomfortable things, do things with a chance of failure.

Memories are made in doing new things. Success is defined by doing a hundred things and failing at ninety-nine of them. When you die, people won't remember what you thought or felt or enjoyed, they'll remember what you did.

Will Cheryl actually complete a watchable episode of First-Time Gourmet? Will she find an audience on Youtube? Will she eventually parlay her Youtube show into a best-selling series of cookbooks and a Food Network show? I don't know. It is beyond the scope of this comic to answer that question. Maybe she will, once she fishes her phone out of the sink. Maybe she won't. But she is trying a new thing, that's what's important.

(Thursday afternoon, INT: ChA's kitchen, as seen through her phone's camera)

[ChA sets up her phone]
[ChA primps a bit]
ChA: Three, two, one.
ChA: What's up, Youtube? My name's Cheryl Ames. Welcome to Episode One of First-Time Gourmet! Our challenge today is eggs benedict... I've never poached an egg or made hollandaise before in my life, but we're not giving up until we get it right!
[phone topples over]
ChA: Now, of course, the first thing we need to do is wash our- shit!