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Leftover Soup banter has always been flippant and detached, and that's largely because I find it funny, but a good portion of it is grounded in who Jamie is. He just doesn't connect to people properly, and often either doesn't register the importance of a situation or doesn't react appropriately to that importance. I admit, that's something in him that I draw from myself - I don't really react properly to tragedy either.

Jamie is probably a bad lifeline to reach out to, when you feel you have nothing for which to live.

(Friday afternoon, INT: hospital waiting room)

JH: You... don't have a reason to live?
RoK: Son's dead. Wife's been dead a while. No real family that'd especially care if I shuffled off.
RoK: I'm sure they'd bring in a substitute soon enough for the kids. I'm replaceable.
JH: Well, everyone's replaceable. I don't show up tomorrow, Greg could find another cook. Restaurant would keep going.
RoK: I can't even cook for myself at all, you know that? Been living on takeout and others' charity for weeks now. Tried to make "ramen", managed to dump it down the sink.
JH: Well, depends on the ramen. Some brands, the bowl's more structurally sound than others.
RoK: Supposed to have kept it in the bowl, is what you're saying.
JH: I've... seen other methods used, I will admit, but that is the preferred technique, yes.