Episode 1

(Friday Night, INT: JH and EB’s apartment)

EB: My goodness, that game was strange. Max wouldn’t stop talking about Oshun Lada.
JH: To be fair, she did do an ok job of making it coherent. However, I think I could have done without the part with the tentacles…
EB: Well now that it’s done, we really should talk about-
JH: I mean, it was overkill! No octopus would approach someone like that-
EB: Jaime. We need to talk. Now.

(INT: EB’s bedroom)

JH: Couldn’t we do this a bit later?
EB: No. We need to do this now.
JH: How about somewhere else? It doesn’t feel right having this conversation in here.
EB: Yeah, I guess I understand. But I’ll tell ya what, It’s gonna feel right in a few minutes.
JH: Wha-
EB undoes JH’s belt buckle.
JH: Ellen stop! You said you wanted to talk about us! Why are you moving so fast?
EB: Eh, not so sure about that. I think we’re moving a bit slow right now.
EB slowly removes JH’s briefs, and takes out his erect penis.
EB: Ooh, your intergalactic soldier is standing at attention. I guess you were more ready than you know!
EB places her lips over JH’s glans, and gently touches his scrotum. JH’s face shows he’s nervous. but he eases into the situation.
JH: We’re ready. I want this. Do you want this?
EB: I do.
EB removes the shoulders from her dress and lets it fall to the ground. JH stands petrified, shocked. He smiles slowly, and approaches her. They fall to the bed, laughing and simultaneously letting out a sigh of relief. Their rain soaked bodies press against each other as they kiss passionately. JH scooches down and begins to rub EB’s clitoris. EB is initially surprised, but again easens up and accepts the nature of the situation. JH reaches for a condom in his jacket pocket. EB pushes his hand away.
EB: Raw.
JH’s face lights up with a large grin. EB spits on her hands, and rubs JH’s penis for a short while, before he enters her. JH begins slow, but thrusts at an increased pace as time passes. While in missionary, JH’s sweat, mixed with the rainwater smelled intoxicatingly musky. He pulled out momentarily, only to flip EB into doggy style, and thrust with even more force and more rapidly. Both felt inches away from climax as EB turned her head to meet JH’s gaze.
JH: This is dangerous. We should stop.
EB smirks at JH.
EB: I don’t give a shit. I’ve waited long enough for this.
JH increases his speed, and almost immediately ejaculates into EB, collapsing next to her at the bed. Both look up at the ceiling fan, and then at each other. They smile, and sigh together.

I ran a Rule 34 contest on my 34th birthday, and this submission was from forum user themonesterman, a.k.a. Ramon Reyes.