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Alright, first comic in the series! And it's a rape joke. I'm off to a great start.


(Thursday. INT: Apartment lobby. Jamie Halligan (JH) is scrutinizing the pad of call buttons. His right arm is in a sling, and he is wearing a neck brace. A long sequence of ringing noises is coming from the panel.)
(Ellen Boorsen (EB) comes up from behind JH.)

EB: Your friend isn't picking up?
JH: Yeah, I dunno, she knows I'm coming. Maybe she's in the shower or something.
EB: Well, um... could I get by you?
JH: Oh, yeah, sorry.
EB unlocks door, props it open.

EB: Y'know, here, let me get the door. It's sticky sometimes, you'd probably have trouble with it.
JH: It's not as bad as it looks, I'm a leftie. But yeah, thanks.
EB: I'm technically not supposed to let people in I don't know, but you don't look too creepy.
JH: Um... thanks, I guess. I promise not to rape you or anything.
EB (walking past him): Yes, that's very comforting.