I ran a contest in November of 2012, with three possible ways to enter: draw Jaehab, voice-act Ellen's description of her tiefling warlock, or write fanfiction of any sort. This is an example of the third option, from Ryn.

"...So speaking of lawful good," Ellen said looking up at Jamie, "Max told me that you turned her down."
Jamie looked back sheepishly "Yeah, she came pretty close to ripping off my damn pants, but I just don't play that way."
He glanced away from Ellen "Honestly - and I could never say this to her face - I could never be with someone who doesn't take intercourse seriously."
"What about someone who did?" Ellen queried, biting her lip as she said it,
"hm?" Jamie cocked an eyebrow at her
"What about someone who did take sex seriously, someone who might be interested in you...?" Jamie eyed Ellen curiously "You wouldn't be referring to yourself by any chance...would you?"
"Mayhaps I am," Ellen replied, gaining confidence "would that be something that appealed to you?"
"..I...maybe, but.." Jamie stuttered "what about that whole 'no romance' rule that we agreed on, w-"
"Screw that," She said, cutting him off before he could finish "it was a dumb rule and I didn't know you at the time" She moved between his legs, putting her hands on his knees Jamie backed as far as he could into the couch "Don't you think you should slow down a bit? Besides...I..ah...I don't have much experience with this...and-"
She put her hand on his chest "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." Trust me, just relax and let me take care of it" she moved her hand back down to his crotch, fumbling for the zipper "Are you sure you..?" Jamie started as she finally got his pants open, revealing a growing telltale bulge beneath his boxers
"Quiet, you" she said with a wry smile on her face, giving him a wink as she shimmied his pants down, causing his cock to pop out as soon as the head was free of the elastic of his boxers, coming to rest against her forehead
He glanced to the side, giving an embarrassed smile and a short chuckle of amusement at the look of surprise on her face
"Shut up! I just wasn't expecting it..." she took a hold of his member, eliciting a short gasp from Jamie, giving it a few experimental strokes before letting go, its entire length resting against her face now "...its warm..."
she moved her head up, letting it slide across her face as she did so, the head catching on her lower lip. She hesitated for a second, nervously looking at Jamie, before sliding the tip slowly past her lips, letting it rest on her tongue
Jamie let out a soft groan, reaching down and stroking the side of Ellen's face as she took hold of the base of his dick, trying to find a good rhythm as she slowly moved him in and out of her mouth, trying to remember how to do this, picking up speed as she grew more comfortable with the motion. She was taking him deeper and deeper now, growing more confident in the motion, every now and then stopping to flutter her tongue on the underside of the head of his dick, garnering quite the vocal response from her partner, casually playing with his balls as she did so. She shot him an impish grin and took his entire length down her throat in one slow movement
"How are you so good at this?" Jamie gasped through the pleasure "just because its been a while doesn't mean I didn't have fun when I was at it" Ellen replied bluntly, coming up for air and licking up and down the full length of his throbbing member
she started to take off her shirt, hoping to reinforce her point with her next idea,fumbling with the clasp of her bra as she went back to suckling the head
"Don't worry, I got this," Jamie said with a cocky grin on his face, reaching down and popping open the clasp of her bra, as well as whipping it completely off in one deft movement "Dexterity of 18, Whaaaaat!" He let the brassiere come to rest on his shoulders like a set of sexy pauldrons
Ellen blinked at him in surprise as she moved her now bare breasts, nipples perky as your average idealistic Disney character, up to Jamie's turgid wang, causing it to almost disappear between the great mounds of flesh.
Holding his cock in place with her lips, flicking her tongue about the tip as she did so, she started to move her breasts up and down.


She pumped and milked his dick with her luscious tits, Jamie moaning with pleasure the whole time, moving faster and faster, moving his thick dick in between her breasts and into her mouth with each movement until Jamie couldn't hold out any longer and let loose his Peter Northian load into her mouth and all over her face and breasts...Just as Max burst into the room with a clipboard and pen
She moved closer, thoroughly inspecting the scene, making notes at regular intervals, Ellen and Jamie frozen from shock
"...Ok, decent girth, a respectable length, circumcised...A pretty hefty amount of semen, looks pretty thick too...now, Ellen, I just need you to tell me how it TASTES. Also..." Max looked at Ellen, the most shit eating grin you have ever seen plastered across her face,
"You owe me twenty bucks."



A short story by the glorious and irrefutable Ryn Monet~