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Alright, since I'm doing a webcomic that mentions knitting, I'm gonna go ahead and advertise for Worsted for Wear here. It's a webcomic, it's about knitting, it's cool, it's well-written, and it's certainly better drawn than Leftover Soup is.

And I think Nicole's use of the adjective "geeky" as a positive, here, is interesting. That certainly would have been a weird usage twenty or thirty years ago.


(Monday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB: Seriously, I refuse to learn a skill that, in the future, will be done by robots.
NP: Come on, Ellen, I know you'd like knitting if you gave it a chance. It's not just for grandmas anymore, a lot of cool, geeky people enjoy knitting.
EB: Yeah, and a lot of geeky people like a cartoon about ponies for nine year olds, what's your point?
NP: Just try it. It'll grow on you, I promise.
EB: I don't want it to grow on me. I have enough things growing on me.
NP: Ellen Boorsen, I will give you needles, and I will give you yarn, and I will take thirty minutes out of my life to teach you how to do a basic stockinette stitch... or you will give me two hundred dollars for my mother's scarf that you have ruined. It is your choice.
NP: ...
NP: ...Well?
EB: I'm thinking!